We, the people, encounter conflict in our daily lives. Adversity is part of our past, our present, and our future. What makes us great, what separates us from all the rest, is how we play the game. III Branches, PLLC develops legal strategies for you and your business that gets your voice heard.

We believe in making you relevant.

Clients come to our office with a problem or a concern that requires help. At III Branches our priority is getting you the support you need. Sometimes we do it all ourselves and sometimes we assemble a team of experts to tackle each issue.

You are always the most important part of the process, and your direction and sense of what matters is an essential part of the equation and solution.

Legislative Updates
Bills and Agency Rules

Judicial Updates
Orders, opinions, & other documents of importance

Executive Updates
Veto letters, Governor's orders, & other documents of importance

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